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Saddled with responsibility

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Monte Selim – Saddle Mountain, originally uploaded by ®oberto’s.

Sometimes the choice to step up and take the lead isn’t a luxury extended to you. Sometimes it’s just awarded whether you want it or not! Sometimes, the men’s ultimate team decides that they don’t feel like practicing with the women’s team anymore and the women’s team would rather have their own practices anyway so they up and SPLIT even though the two teams have practiced together as a unit for years and nobody cares what your opinion on the matter is! So to top it all off they make you the new women’s captain and expect you to LIKE IT. Oh, do I sound bitter? I am.
Gone are the days when I could go to practice and only have to concentrate on my own game, my own athleticism. I have to plan practices, talk a lot, demonstrate skills, pretend I have people skills, it’s pretty awful. Drilling with the guys adds so much more intensity, it makes us better players. Little did I know that the other girls have resented our combined practices all this time. They’ve told me that practicing mixed is too intimidating for new girls and they don’t like the men’s style of play or practice (they don’t get to touch the disc enough). I’d tell them to suck it up except for the fact that the guys feel weighed down by practicing with us and want to break free as well. So everyone is getting what they want this year except me. Boo-hoo. What did I get? A brand-new women’s team with my name on it! being captain of a club sport with no money for coaching is like being a captain and coach all rolled into one. I got saddled with it because of an unfortunate combination of age, years of experience, and there being no one else qualified for the job. I joined this sport because it wasn’t a women’s sport. Now I’m expected to lead a team of exactly what I didn’t want. Awesome.
Unfortunately there’s no way of getting around it. If I want to continue playing ultimate at school I have to suck it up and captain this team. It’s an opportunity to learn how to be a leader and a teacher at the same time. It’s a chance to show a group of girls how to be intense athletes. So that is what I’m going to try to do. Sometimes responsibility is unceremoniously dumped on your lap.

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September 6, 2009 at 10:36 pm

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