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As Captain and Coach

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When I say that I want to be a good captain to these girls, I mean that I want to inspire them. I want to be that senior player that they look up to and trust and respect. There is another senior girl on the team who is rather the opposite of what I’d like to be seen as. She doesn’t work very hard, she yells a lot at the new players, and she isn’t very likable. I worry that as I’m trying to coach the girls, that I’ll come off as too harsh or condescending. I want to be a demanding captain with high expectations, but not at the price of being a demoralizing hoe-bag.
Several of the girls struggle with skills like faking and cutting which are essential to the flow of our offense and, when done incorrectly by multiple people, can cost us possession of the disc. Because of the sports I’ve played, these skills come pretty naturally to me so it was hard to step back and understand why so many of my new girls were having difficulties. During the course of a drill designed to practice cutting against a defender I made an example of one girl in particular, going through the basic thought process of planning and execution of a fake and cut with her in front of everyone. After several attempts and corrections she eventually managed to preform a decent fake and in-cut so I let the drill proceed. Afterward however, I was unsure as to whether I handled the situation correctly. Some things are okay for a coach to do but not a captain. I felt though, that a simple demonstration of faking had not and could not achieve the same results as one-on-one evaluation. Still, I think that in the future, something taught or corrected publicly to one person should need to be done to everyone. I should have stood in as a permanent defender and spot checked everyone’s fakes instead of isolating just the one girl.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid though. Thoughts?

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September 16, 2009 at 10:44 pm

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