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Reasons why you need martial arts in your life

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Breather from battle Suwon Martial arts performance Suwon South Korea Ye do style or short sword style., originally uploaded by Derekwin.

One of the best decisions I ever made in high school was to start learning Ju-jitsu. Ju-jitsu is the Japanese art of self defense. I’m predisposed to think of it as the most practical martial art to learn for self defense, but that’s just me. I’ve never had to use what I know of ju-jitsu in a real self defense situation so I really have no idea if the training would save my life or not, but knowing what I do makes me feel that much more prepared for whatever might come my way. I know how to defend myself (in theory) in many situations from a multitude of different attacks. I know how to be aware, evaluate my options, and if it came to a physical attack, I would know how to fight back. For all of these reasons I believe that every woman should seek out some sort of self defense course or seminar.
Furthermore, I wish that more women would consider enrolling as students in martial arts classes. There is lots to consider when choosing a style and school of martial arts, and I won’t get into all that right now. My own experience with ju-jitsu was extremely positive. I go home every summer to visit my former dojo and reconnect with all my friends there. And by friends I do mean the nerdy middle-aged men who made up the vast majority of my school.

What I learned from martial arts:

* the importance of self-discipline, patience, and hard work
* traditional values of respect, honor, and timeliness
* how to fall many many times
* that I have abnormally long legs

Who wouldn’t want to learn all those fascinating things?!

But for real, if I’ve managed to spark any interest in martial arts for you at all, check out this resource list: http://www.arlingtonjujitsu.org/Readings.shtm#Women

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