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A Lecture I didn’t have the balls to give

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I spent some time over the weekend brainstorming why women’s and men’s games are so different and what makes up a good ultimate player. This is what I came up with:

* head is up, aware of what is going on around the disc, defense, offense
* anticipate what is going to happen and get into position- swing, huck, turnover, punt, dump
* recognize what you need to be doing on the field and have the courage to do it. (eg. when you get to the back of the stack, you know you have to make a cut, have a plan and carry through, don’t stall)
* having the confidence to make intense plays, cutting both in and out, to attack the disc in the air, to run after everything even if you don’t think you can get it – to leave it all on the field
* always have personal goals- know what you want to improve at
* regardless of skill level, experience, always be working on game fundamentals

Perhaps the primary drive for my work ethic on the field is a desire for respect. I want people, be it a teammate or a random observer, to look at me and think damn, that chick is intense. I can’t stand that women’s competitive college ultimate is, like almost all women’s sports, laughable and disrespected by its male counterpoint community. I’ve tried for most of my life to solve this problem for myself by disassociating myself from women’s sports altogether, however I’ve come to a situation where I am not afforded that luxury. Nothing would make me happier than developing these girls into solid athletes who take themselves and their sport seriously. I’m just not sure that I am in the right position to achieve such a thing. I had intended to have a team discussion about what makes a good player and outline each of those points above. But when it came to standing in front of my team and making a speech like that, I couldn’t do it. Is this stuff too corny or idyllic to try and teach? Just because I feel this strongly about athletic respect doesn’t give me the right to impose it on my teammates. Then again, if I’m the captain and this is my team now, it’s up to me to get as much out of the team as I can; perhaps I should be asking for more, demanding a greater amount of concentration and dedication from them. I’m not sure that I’ll ever be completely satisfied on this girls team, but I sure give it all it’s worth right?

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October 6, 2009 at 7:05 pm

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