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Scrimmage Recap Notes

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Women’s ultimate: a Japanese player from Kana skies at WUCC 1995

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In lieu of practice tonight we set up a scrimmage with a girls team at a nearby university. It is nice to have the opportunity to play another team because it gives me a measuring stick to judge how our progress is coming along, what we need to work on as a team and which individuals are stepping up to game-like situational pressures. We brought 16 girls, pretty much our full roster. I’m recording my notes here so that I can decide what to do in practice next week.

Problems I had as captain:
deciding which drills to warm up with, calling lines and getting equal(ish) playing time for everyone
I’ve never had to worry about playing time before because in mixed ultimate we usually have only two field positions to fill and rotate through fairly equally based on points. The men’s captain calls lines and plays so it would be rare for me to be in a position on the field where I was in charge of anything at all. I’ve realized how nice it was to play and not think about anything but myself.
dealing with rude veteran teammates
Really just one player crosses the line occasionally, but when she sees things on the field that aren’t happening according to plan it’s like a hell-fire damnation typhoon comes out her mouth. The criticism she delivers in the moment is in no way tactful or constructive. There are several things I’m mulling over related to this concern: are my new players bothered by her harsh criticisms, should I confront her about it, and if yes how should I go about doing so without alienating or chastising her too badly?

Observations of things we did well:
zone defense
We really destroyed their team by throwing zone defense. The zone requires an offensive team to have three fairly flawless handlers on the field at all times. It’s very easy to make a mistake and turn the disc over in a very bad position. We were able to force a lot of mistakes and capitalize on good field position. Having 16 girls made it easy to throw zone because we had fresh legs coming on the field every two points. I plan on having us run zone defense often in the upcoming tournaments- it works, use it.
We won. We should have won by a larger margin because we outplayed them by a lot (possession time) but we did what we needed to do, got breaks, scored points, and won the game.

Observations of things we did poorly:
horizontal stack offense
Since we were scoring most of the points, we didn’t have many offense points (points that start with disc possession, aka points where you didn’t score the previous point) but we still wanted to practice advanced offenses. To do this we had to call “horizontal offense on a turn” meaning that we had to get our opponents to turn the disc and then, judging from how far down the field disc possession changed, judge which offense, horizontal or vertical, to setup. Transitioning from offense to defense can always be a little bit disorienting, especially for newer players, but it was very apparent in the transition from zone defense to horizontal man offense that my team was getting flustered with knowing what to do. Because of this, our horizontal offense looked quite bad. Transitions and field awareness are things that I think have to come with more experience, but we can practice horizontal stack again, making sure that everyone knows exactly what to do and how to do it. I don’t think we’ll be running horizontal stack in real games anytime soon however.
getting beat to the front cone
The only time we were scored on was in man-man foot races to the front cone of the endzone coming out of a vertical stack. There isn’t a whole lot I can speak on to alleviate this problem other than to say that we need to be more mindful of player matchups (marking up against a player of equal ability, speed), practicing hard defense, and anticipating where the last player in the stack is cutting to. Getting beat like that is frustrating because we shouldn’t let it happen. I just need to impress this on the team and make sure they know strategies for preventing the easy score.

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