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hot-air ballooning – stages of the liftoff (2003)

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Ever wonder what it’s like to live like a college-aged male for a day? I had the most ultimate (the word not the sport) Saturday of my life yesterday. Ron and my’s former roommate, Brian, came to town to celebrate his birthday with us. I think we did five weekends worth of activities in a single day, and ate three weeks worth of calories. yeah. A lot of things were done, bought, or consumed under the birthday clause. You know, it’s my birthday, why not? Except it wasn’t even my birthday so there is no excuse for the crimes committed against my body yesterday.

Birthday Craziness:
10pm (friday) we pick up Brian at the bus terminal and go to Kroger for dinner, spirits
11pm I make apple pie cookies, the boys start planning activities for saturday -refreshing the yard sale treasure map
12am (saturday) Brian and Ron break open a bottle of Tawny Port purchased at Kroger. Apparently it is sickly sweet, neither of them have had port wine before so they had to try it.
7:30am Wake up
8am Begin the yard sale adventure armed with many single dollar bills (side note: my roommate Ron serious about some yard sales. he would go every single weekend if he could. he also drives like a maniac on yard sale saturdays)
8-11am yard sale finds: rain jacket, miniature busts of george washington (3), a knife block, car detailing gift set, decorative moose picture carved into a piece of wood, popcorn popper, warm-weather combat boots, hat, bicycle wedge pouch… I’m probably forgetting things.
11am stop by an epic bakery/pastry shop recommenced to us by a teammate- this place is awesome, giant donuts and pastries. We collectively purchase four donuts, one cinnamon-almond pastry bar, one mini pecan pie, and one of the largest chocolate eclairs I have ever seen, EVER.
12pm browse an estate sale in some sketchy basement warehouse, also stop by a few thrift stores nearby. we feel really sick. sugar poisoning.
1pm drink cheerwine sodas at one of the corner markets close to where we lived last year.
1:30-3pm meet up with some friends to play disc golf at an area park course.
3-5pm go to COSTCO for samples and lunch. Lunch at COSTCO is serious business. I also purchase 25lbs of flour, 10lbs of sugar and a 72oz bag of chocolate chips. They talked me into it.
5-6pm stop by target for some popping corn to use in our new popcorn popper
6-9pm take naps, watch dirty jobs on the discovery channel, feel absolutely awful about how much we ate at costco but make popcorn anyway. The popcorn pops great but tastes really stale. I didn’t even know that popcorn kernels could go bad, huge disappointment. The boys drink more Tawny Port and discuss the days purchases
10pm think about going to five guys for dinner, still full, realize it’s closed anyway
11pm I make brownies, we go back to Kroger for icecream to put on them, end up renting a movie at the Redbox
12am(sunday) eat brownie sundays. everyone falls asleep watching Traitor.
2:30am take Brian to the terminal so he can catch his 3am bus and be home in time for work in the morning
3am pass out.

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October 11, 2009 at 10:59 pm

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