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Getting Ready for Tournaments

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Starting this weekend we have three tournaments in a row. Ultimate tournaments are usually two days long with four or five games per day. We take a bunch of cars, drive down to the host school and stay in a hotel overnight. They’re fun, they’re dirty, they’re challenging, and I’ve never had to be a captain for one before so it should be interesting. We have only two more practices to prepare for our first tournament of the semester so I need to make sure that I use them wisely.

Things that should probably happen:
1. More zone offense and defense practice (scrimmaging)
2. A review of horizontal stack man offense and defense
3. Endzone situational plays for offense- isolation plays and dump-swing recognition
4. Endzone situational plays for defense- not giving away the front cone, hard marks
5. Transitioning between zone and man or offense and defense as smoothly as possible
6. Deep cuts in game
7. An increase in speed and intensity of game play
8. Making sure everyone can and will throw a dump pass when instructed

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October 12, 2009 at 8:13 pm

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