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First Tournament Recap

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On Saturday we won all four games. Scores were 13-5, 13-3, 13-0, and 13-6. This seeded us in first place for play on Sunday. We played the winner of the 4-5 seed game in semi-finals winning 13-1 and then moved on to the finals against the winner of the 2-3 seed game which we won with a dangerously close 8-7 comeback.

Overall I was please with our performance as a team. The competition we faced this weekend was a good introduction to the tournament format for our new players, but I don’t expect to win so easily ever again.
Our next tournament is scheduled for Halloween weekend and we’ll be facing several much more experienced teams. It’s time to really get to work on tightening our game and making sure everyone has the fundamentals down solid.

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October 20, 2009 at 10:20 pm

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