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Post-Tournament Notes

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This is what my post-tournament thoughts look like in their free-flowing form. Mostly confusing and useless junk notes that probably won’t be used for anything.

Things that need improvement-

-fundamentals still. catching throwing, dump throws
breakside cuts, largely pleased with offense

(note: Caitlin suggests ONLY ever having myself or Katie pick up the disc on turns since we are the only handlers with flick hucks)

Handling issues cont.
Morgan- needs to recognize that she is a handler, has to step into that position. We can’t have new players handling in tournament games this early in the year.

(zone)- strengthening the cup, determining when to force the 4-man cup, teach trap cup, attacking the disc in the air
(man)- beating your man in, beating your man out. (how to read throws and get steps) endzone man –timeouts, defending against set plays, chrome-type practice
defending the dump, be wary of easy upline cuts
forces- active(more energy!), be aware: high release? huck? -straight up mark

poaching against the vert stack?
thwart an incut, stay in the lane for 1-2 secs while man cycles back and then catch up- be careful of a possible break throw
offense against a poach in the vert
identify the poach, cut to open space, could be a force, break, or deep cut – know who has the disc, get the disc to a handler if someone goes deep and you can’t make the throw

defense against the Ho stack
positioning yourself behind your man and being prepared to try and beat them to the disc. Ready for hucks, deep cuts, calling for help, calling switches, setting up in 2-3 positions 1 person for the incut, 1 person for the out.

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October 22, 2009 at 4:54 am

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