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Favorite Movies (Part 1) -G.I. Jane

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Train With Rae

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The first movie I love which also bears some relevance to the themes of this blog is G.I. Jane (1997). It’s a pretty obvious choice- Demi Moore kicks ass (literally), she takes some ass-kickings, and finally she succeeds in being the first woman to complete NAVY SEALS training without gender biased treatment. No one is ever surprised when I list this as one of my favorite movies.
The movie is enjoyable and inspirational because it’s easy to identify with the Jordan O’Neil character. As female athletes we sometimes encounter the loneliness and challenge of being the only girl on the field. Embrace it! Prove yourself, even if that means the best you can do is hang in there and finish what you came out to accomplish.
But what I love most about this movie isn’t necessarily the awesome heroine, it’s the relationship she has with (one of) the antagonist, Master Chief John James Urgayle. First off, master chief is just an awesome character, on the first day of SEALS training he sets the tone by quoting some seriously haunting poetry:

Self Pity -D.H. Lawrence
I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.

The number of times I’ve thought about this poem and tried to pretend I was that tough is too high to count. But I digress, my true love for this movie lies in the development of respect that Master Chief gains for O’Neil over the course of her training. To see someone, especially someone in a position of authority or leadership, gain respect for you is the most awesome feeling in the world. Respect isn’t something that’s easily faked like tolerance or kindness. Respect gained in a man’s arena is even more awesome.

End Game: Watch this movie if you need to get inspired to DO WORK.

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