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Live Blogging the World Series -Game 1

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A night of Phillies baseball

Originally uploaded by The Arc of Montgomery, Berks, and Bucks Counties

Note: I never watched a baseball game until the Phillies went to the world series last year. My roommate Ron is a huge Phillies fan so through him I’m learning about baseball and how to watch it on television. His girlfriend Cate refuses to watch games with him (and frankly I don’t blame her because he can get a tad bit worked up) so that responsibility falls to me. Plus I like to be on hand in case things go poorly and he tries to break things. I tell you this just as a disclaimer: I know nothing about baseball!

7:54- Get a call from Ron, he’s yelling instructions. I’m to have the TV tuned to channel 11 with volume at level 43 when he arrives in exactly THREE MINUTES. Ron always gives precise arrival times.
8:00- The game has started. Yankees are pitching first.
8:35- I’ve come back into the living room, 2nd inning, Phillies are pitching. Ron is super on edge, looking up stuff on the Phillies website, yelling about needing cookies to calm his nerves. Also it appears to have started raining on the field. One dude on base.
8:51- Utley with a home run hit in the 3rd for the Phillies! Ron: “gone, gone, Gone, GONEEE!”
9:37- 5th inning, Phillies with a nice albeit confusing double play.
9:46- Utley with another home run! I saw the Yankee pitcher mouth “fuck” and they cut away from him real quick.
10:10- Yankees with their own double play in the 7th.
10:33- Another pitching change in the 8th for NY -Ron called it.
10:49- Phi score two more runs! nicceee. Cliff Lee has been wrecking HOUSE by the way.
11:08- Ruiz (the Phi pitcher) with a double! Then he scores. 5-0! Yanks are changing pitchers like it’s their job. It mystifies me that there’s no cap on the number of changes they can make. (Ron’s facebook status is, “Smells like DOMINATION”)
11:17- One more score off of Howard’s hit. Now they just need three outs to win game 1.
11:25- Throwing error on Rollins, there goes the shutout…
11:29- Cliff Lee ends it -he went the full nine! “sensational and exhilarating performance” Most importantly Ron is well pleased.

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October 29, 2009 at 4:15 am

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