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Practice- Monday, 11/2

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NYC Marathon

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I spent some time before practice today looking up sprinting and agility drills. Some of the more advanced girls have expressed concern about their running- mostly in terms of speed and form. I’m glad, more than glad, to spend time working on sprinting because it’s something that everyone can always improve on and is an integral part of improving our game as a team.

Our most effective defense is man on man. As a team we have enough girls with speed to be competitive against most other teams we come up against running man. Where holes develop in our game is the man offense. I’d say 70% of our team is quick enough to get open on offensive cuts most of the time. But that 30% who really struggle to break their defenders consistently can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful offensive drive. It comes down to the fact that most of these girls have never been taught how to run -let alone how to sprint.

Last week we filmed each girl sprinting from the front and side. We then watched the footage in slow motion together with fairly comical results.
-use of the arms was fairly good but I had lectured everyone about bad arm habits directly prior so it might have been a fluke
-foot strike was all over the place, lots of heel striking!
-stride length was pretty varied but I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to it
-speed of turnover was also very varied for each person
-some people need better sports bras

For today I decided to focus on drills that would train people to stay on the balls of their feet for sprinting. The first drill was set up like box but required quick feet movements followed by initial acceleration and then change of direction and deceleration. The second drill was designed to work on sprint and reaction stimulus.

The guys actually ended up joining us for the drills since I was the only captain present for the first half of practice. I got positive feedback from everyone involved. The men’s team doesn’t have a whole lot of variety in their conditioning program so I think they enjoyed it.

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November 2, 2009 at 5:57 pm

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