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A Letter to my Team

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Aeroshell Aerobatic Team In OPT – Quad City Airshow

Originally uploaded by clearskyphotography.com – Kris Klop

Hello Ladies!
Good work this weekend at SF. We went 4-3 for the weekend and had the opportunity to play some teams we’ve never been up against before.

I saw many great individual performances from people and I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish as a team. We decided to award the spirit disc to Waffle this weekend. Not only did she work her ass off on the field, but she also took the initiative to support the team and pump us up on the sideline. Super job!

My Dad posted some pictures from Sunday on his facebook account. I tagged everyone in a team photo except Rachel (am I not fb friends with you yet?!) so I hope his privacy settings are global enough that you can go through and check the rest out. Unfortunately a lot of the pictures are hard to see though as he doesn’t seem to have a real grasp of the zoom yet. Anyway, let me know if you can’t see them.

I believe that this was our last tournament of the semester. This does not mean that we won’t continue to practice three times a week. We finished 6th out of 12 teams ladies. That means we all, as individuals and as a team, have a choice to make. Where do we go from here? Are we going to collectively make the decision to push harder and reach the next level where we can beat those teams like D and E? Or are we going to sit back and be content to only win against teams with no hucks and shoddy defense?

I see a ton of untapped potential in this team. We’re good but I want us to get better. You have all been playing long enough now to know in general where your weaknesses are. Keep them in mind! I want to be able to ask you what you’re working on this week and what you’re doing to work on it.

Some things to consider:
If you know you need to work on throwing/catching- make sure to get to practice early and work on your backhand and forehand with a partner. And/Or ask someone to throw with you outside of practice.
If you know you need to work on running/sprinting- the only way to become a better runner is to RUN. You have to want it, and one day or practice worth of work does not a runner make. Go to the gym, get on a treadmill, take practice conditioning very seriously, make the commitment to yourself to become a better runner and I promise it will happen.

I hope to see you all at practice Monday. Unless of course you’re ill or injured, in which case, take care of yourself and we’ll see you back in action soon!

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November 16, 2009 at 5:27 am

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