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Thirty Days to Morning Person.

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I’ve decided that I need to become a morning person, mostly out of necessity. Early morning classes next semester will be much better dealt with if I’m waking at an early enough hour to actually attend them. So for the next thirty days I’ll be trying to train myself to wake up at 6am every morning. Hopefully after thirty days I’ll have become a fully actualized morning person.

How to Wake Up Early (stronglifts.com)
1. Wake up at the same time daily –6am goal
Don’t gradually wake up earlier
2. Set your alarm (out of reach)
3. Jump out of bed when your alarm goes off
Stop rationalizing –yep.
Stop snoozing –ouch.
Leave the room
4. Get light exposure
Open window blinds, walk outside
5. Have a reason to wake up early
Eat breakfast, cook food for the day, exercise –I definitely want to start exercising in the morning. Sometimes exercising twice at night just isn’t possible and/or convenient for me.
6. Write your goals daily –I try to do this already, but I generally do it at night before bed.
7. Build a morning ritual –Tea, exercise, writing daily agenda/goals, breakfast, shower?
8. Commit for 30 days –Tight.
9. Go to bed when you’re tired
10. Get quality sleep
11. Make yourself accountable –Keep a journal thing?

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January 3, 2010 at 5:52 pm

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