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Weight loss for athletes by Christopher D. Jensen
In-season is not the time to drop the weight, because the combination of strenuous training and cutting calories is bad for performance and bad for your health. When you’re not meeting your energy needs, you’re also not getting sufficient carbohydrates to restore glycogen fuel reserves on a daily basis. This can lead to chronic fatigue, poor training sessions, and a decline in performance. Too few calories combined with a tough training schedule also can impair your immune system and leave you more vulnerable to colds. Losing weight is tough enough on the body, so do it during the off-season.

I feel like I’m constantly grappling with this problem in particular, wanting to cut weight during the season when I need calories to perform well. It’s not like ultimate has a real “off season” anyway. So I struggle to find a balance between meeting weight loss or strength building goals and fighting off the effects of fatigue and soreness. It’s a recipe for the perfect storm, or a really great eating disorder!

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January 8, 2010 at 3:04 am

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