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How to Dress Like a Runner

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This about.com article was recently forwarded to me by a member of my family. You know, that aunt who finds all those fascinating internet tidbits that just have to be shared? Everyone has one of those aunts right?
Well the reception of this particular article was somewhat surprising to me because, I thought, if there is anything that I have established myself as in this world, it is the capacity to be in a constant state of post-workout appearance. In fact, I feel so confident in this fact that I’m going to put out some of my own tips and guidelines for anyone aspiring to such a thing.

Thus I present: How to Dress Like a Runner …Always.
1. Never wear a pair of nonfunctional shoes. Your choice in footwear should always allow you to move as fast as possible in your respective outdoor environment.
2. Sports bras. 24/7. No exceptions. And when you show up to try on bridesmaid dresses for your cousin’s wedding, make sure you’re wearing one in a particularly obnoxious color.
3. Never wear jeans ever. They’re the most running-unfriendly of pants. Instead, opt for layering sweatpants over your base layer underarmour tights.You’ll look great at parties.
4. By this point you should know that blouses and nice sweaters won’t match the rest of your apparel, so of course go for free tshirts you got from races, old jerseys from teams you played on in high school, or brand name athletic tops. Again, the more layered and shapeless you are the better.
5. Accessorize your look by either giving people challenging glares or flaunting how sore your quads are from yesterday.
Bonus features: wet unstyled hair pulled back from the face, wrist/shoe wallet.


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January 9, 2010 at 4:05 am

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