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It’s Winter!

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Dear teammates who are consistently skipping my scheduled conditioning sessions,

I’ve created this alternative workout to be the perfect substitute for conditioning practice in the event that you aren’t able to attend:

THE GREAT NORTH FACE WORKOUT (GNFW)* is designed to feature the two most important components of any great workout: 1. works up a good sweat, and 2. has the potential to make you look ridiculous in front of a bunch of people.

Here are the rules:

This is a timed (30min) workout designed for use on any major college campus. Run around the main campus drag for the allotted amount of time. Each time you see something on this list do the exercise associated with it:

A person wearing a black North Face jacket – do 10 jumping jacks
A person wearing a North Face jacket of any other color – do 10 squat jumps
A person with a North Face jacket AND backpack combo – do 10 butt-kicks and 10 high-knees
Two or more people wearing North Face jackets in a pack – skip for 10 seconds
Two people holding hands and wearing North Face jackets – do 5 pushups, do 5 more if the jackets are the same color
“North Face Swarm” where you see too many North Face jackets around you to keep track – do 15 standing mountain climbers

*Bonus: the GNFW also doubles as a drinking game should you have the means and desire to get drunk in a public place.

Just kidding! I’m pretty sure this workout would kill any person who attempted it. And the drinking game is definitely attempt at your own risk!


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January 29, 2010 at 10:32 pm

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