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Pre- Spring Break Tournament Notes

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Letter to my team about predicted strategy at our annual spring break 3-day tournament

Strategy for our success as a team at Spring Break tournament:

Line Calling- Obviously with the number of people we have in relation to the number of games we’ll be playing, everyone will get plenty of playing time. If at any point in the tournament you feel as if you are not being played enough and/or have excess untapped energy reserves please let M and I know. Conversely, if at any point in the tournament you feel like you’re being played too much, risking injury or mental health, then also please let M and I know.

Line Calling (continued)- It should be our goal to have two, preferably three, experienced handlers on the field at all times. In case you don’t know who you are, this means: K, Me, C, M, Mn and T. It is your responsibility to make sure Michelle and I don’t send out lines without handlers and to take the initiative and put yourself on the field if that ever happens.

Offense (zone)- Do we need to spend time reviewing/discussing this as a team? New players?
Offense (man)- Vertical stack for the most part, I don’t think we’ll ever attempt horizontal.

Defense (zone)- Might be a good option against teams we can identify as having limited handlers, we just need to be careful about running everyone to death.
Defense (man)- Probably our primary option- we need to be prepared to mark up against teams running horizontal and vertical stacks.

Rules- Defer to C at all times… lawl- If you have the time this weekend, it would be a good idea for everyone to read the rules and ask questions about anything you don’t understand. We always seemed to get screwed in the rules department and that’s something we can definitely solve with minimal effort so there really isn’t any excuse for it.

Score keeping- This is also something that we shouldn’t have such a hard time with. It should probably be the captains’ responsibility to always have some sore of score tracking system, so M and I will be sure to take care of that, but everyone on the sideline needs to be aware of this task so that we don’t ever lose track.

End of the day Meeting (good idea?)- I’m thinking that we should meet as a team every night just to check in and talk about what went well and what maybe didn’t go so well in the days games after we’ve had the chance to process them. We can also watch any footage that might have been taken and discuss strategy for the next day.


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March 11, 2010 at 10:41 pm

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