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Emotional Post-Sectionals Team Letter

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Wow guys. I still don’t think I’ve fully processed what just happened. A disappointing 0-3 on saturday to 3-1 and third place on sunday?? Are you kidding me?! I knew going into last weekend that we were probably capable of making that third place spot, but it would be a long shot, and after saturday I figured it just wasn’t in the stars for us this year. But everyone came out on sunday like, we’re here to win some fucking games damnit. And suddenly we were a new team, the team I knew we could be. We took care of V handily because we know how to work a zone. Then we went up against T, came out strong, and they never had a chance to catch up. The J game was hardest. Their team makes ours look tiny still. I was nervous about the outcome, I didn’t want to believe that we could actually win against them. But I looked at my team and I could tell that we wouldn’t be satisfied with a fourth place finish. We wanted that win so bad, I thought, shit I better not be the one to let them down, we’re going to take this game if it kills me. And I could tell all of you were thinking the same thing.

I know I can come across as emotionally detached sometimes. I want to make sure you all know exactly what yesterday meant to me. Winning that game for third place was the proudest moment in sports I’ve ever experienced.

Every single member of this team made it happen. You guys are amazing and this was the best possible way we could have ended our season. Thank you for being great all year. Going to regionals is a huge honor. You’ve proved we deserve it!


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April 12, 2010 at 10:47 pm

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