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How to Dress Like a Runner

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This about.com article was recently forwarded to me by a member of my family. You know, that aunt who finds all those fascinating internet tidbits that just have to be shared? Everyone has one of those aunts right?
Well the reception of this particular article was somewhat surprising to me because, I thought, if there is anything that I have established myself as in this world, it is the capacity to be in a constant state of post-workout appearance. In fact, I feel so confident in this fact that I’m going to put out some of my own tips and guidelines for anyone aspiring to such a thing.

Thus I present: How to Dress Like a Runner …Always.
1. Never wear a pair of nonfunctional shoes. Your choice in footwear should always allow you to move as fast as possible in your respective outdoor environment.
2. Sports bras. 24/7. No exceptions. And when you show up to try on bridesmaid dresses for your cousin’s wedding, make sure you’re wearing one in a particularly obnoxious color.
3. Never wear jeans ever. They’re the most running-unfriendly of pants. Instead, opt for layering sweatpants over your base layer underarmour tights.You’ll look great at parties.
4. By this point you should know that blouses and nice sweaters won’t match the rest of your apparel, so of course go for free tshirts you got from races, old jerseys from teams you played on in high school, or brand name athletic tops. Again, the more layered and shapeless you are the better.
5. Accessorize your look by either giving people challenging glares or flaunting how sore your quads are from yesterday.
Bonus features: wet unstyled hair pulled back from the face, wrist/shoe wallet.


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January 9, 2010 at 4:05 am

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Reading: PowerBar nutrition articles

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Weight loss for athletes by Christopher D. Jensen
In-season is not the time to drop the weight, because the combination of strenuous training and cutting calories is bad for performance and bad for your health. When you’re not meeting your energy needs, you’re also not getting sufficient carbohydrates to restore glycogen fuel reserves on a daily basis. This can lead to chronic fatigue, poor training sessions, and a decline in performance. Too few calories combined with a tough training schedule also can impair your immune system and leave you more vulnerable to colds. Losing weight is tough enough on the body, so do it during the off-season.

I feel like I’m constantly grappling with this problem in particular, wanting to cut weight during the season when I need calories to perform well. It’s not like ultimate has a real “off season” anyway. So I struggle to find a balance between meeting weight loss or strength building goals and fighting off the effects of fatigue and soreness. It’s a recipe for the perfect storm, or a really great eating disorder!

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January 8, 2010 at 3:04 am

Thirty Days to Morning Person.

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“We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if…”

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I’ve decided that I need to become a morning person, mostly out of necessity. Early morning classes next semester will be much better dealt with if I’m waking at an early enough hour to actually attend them. So for the next thirty days I’ll be trying to train myself to wake up at 6am every morning. Hopefully after thirty days I’ll have become a fully actualized morning person.

How to Wake Up Early (stronglifts.com)
1. Wake up at the same time daily –6am goal
Don’t gradually wake up earlier
2. Set your alarm (out of reach)
3. Jump out of bed when your alarm goes off
Stop rationalizing –yep.
Stop snoozing –ouch.
Leave the room
4. Get light exposure
Open window blinds, walk outside
5. Have a reason to wake up early
Eat breakfast, cook food for the day, exercise –I definitely want to start exercising in the morning. Sometimes exercising twice at night just isn’t possible and/or convenient for me.
6. Write your goals daily –I try to do this already, but I generally do it at night before bed.
7. Build a morning ritual –Tea, exercise, writing daily agenda/goals, breakfast, shower?
8. Commit for 30 days –Tight.
9. Go to bed when you’re tired
10. Get quality sleep
11. Make yourself accountable –Keep a journal thing?

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What can Manly Men Expect of Women?

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9/365 Perfect Housewife

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I read a blog called the Art of Manliness. Let us, for the moment, not worry about why I’m reading a blog about manliness and instead discuss a recent blog post seen here.

What can Manly Men Expect of Women targets one of the most perplexing questions I’ve delt with personally in my life.

In high school I stopped identifying myself as a feminist because I hated the ‘double standard’ which seemed so often implied with it. Although it is claimed that true feminism is only the quest for total gender equality, most of the time it comes across as: women are better than men and should be treated as such by all.

I’m proud of the fact that I can cook fancy dinners, host nice parties, reupholster couches, keep track of household bills, make sure the cookie jar stays full, clean a house from top to bottom, and patch up my roommates pants. I do all these things because they make me feel good. I don’t know if that’s because I’m a girl or not but when I don’t do these things or if they’re done for me I feel guilty. I don’t expect my male roommates to do many chores. I expect them to clean up their dirt bike parts and keep their shit contained mostly to their rooms. But it’s hard when the males in my life start taking the things I do for granted. And therein lies the crux of the problem. How do you balance doing things for people with being taken advantage of because you’re the girl? I’d like to think that if I ever get married that person will know how to appreciate the things I do and I’ll feel better about doing them but it worries me.

There’s only one real thing that gets me good. Hanging out with athletic men as often as I do, the bashing of women’s athletics is almost inevitable. I agree that women’s sports are slower, and that women’s college ultimate is almost laughable. I agree that women are weaker and slower and can never hope to compete with men. All I care about is how hard I work and how seriously I take my sports performance. These guys don’t know what it’s like to work as hard as they possibly can and still never hope to be as good as their male counterpart. So when I don’t get credit for the work I’ve done as an athlete, that makes me mad.

All I ever want by males is respect. I’ve learned that the way to gaining respect is hard work and putting other people first when it counts. At least that seems to hold true for both genders.

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December 21, 2009 at 3:57 am

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A Letter to my Team

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Aeroshell Aerobatic Team In OPT – Quad City Airshow

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Hello Ladies!
Good work this weekend at SF. We went 4-3 for the weekend and had the opportunity to play some teams we’ve never been up against before.

I saw many great individual performances from people and I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish as a team. We decided to award the spirit disc to Waffle this weekend. Not only did she work her ass off on the field, but she also took the initiative to support the team and pump us up on the sideline. Super job!

My Dad posted some pictures from Sunday on his facebook account. I tagged everyone in a team photo except Rachel (am I not fb friends with you yet?!) so I hope his privacy settings are global enough that you can go through and check the rest out. Unfortunately a lot of the pictures are hard to see though as he doesn’t seem to have a real grasp of the zoom yet. Anyway, let me know if you can’t see them.

I believe that this was our last tournament of the semester. This does not mean that we won’t continue to practice three times a week. We finished 6th out of 12 teams ladies. That means we all, as individuals and as a team, have a choice to make. Where do we go from here? Are we going to collectively make the decision to push harder and reach the next level where we can beat those teams like D and E? Or are we going to sit back and be content to only win against teams with no hucks and shoddy defense?

I see a ton of untapped potential in this team. We’re good but I want us to get better. You have all been playing long enough now to know in general where your weaknesses are. Keep them in mind! I want to be able to ask you what you’re working on this week and what you’re doing to work on it.

Some things to consider:
If you know you need to work on throwing/catching- make sure to get to practice early and work on your backhand and forehand with a partner. And/Or ask someone to throw with you outside of practice.
If you know you need to work on running/sprinting- the only way to become a better runner is to RUN. You have to want it, and one day or practice worth of work does not a runner make. Go to the gym, get on a treadmill, take practice conditioning very seriously, make the commitment to yourself to become a better runner and I promise it will happen.

I hope to see you all at practice Monday. Unless of course you’re ill or injured, in which case, take care of yourself and we’ll see you back in action soon!

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November 16, 2009 at 5:27 am

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Tightening up, getting strong

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Yoga mats

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If ever there was an incentive to tighten up it’s having a skinny athletic dude poke you unceasingly in the stomach.

Recently I’ve discovered that supplementing my workouts with “strength training” exercise videos does more for me than any amount of straight long distance running ever did. I’m all over some Exercise TV which comes complimentary with our comcast package. It’s part of my ultimate goal to finally develop some legitimate upper-body strength (or at least toning) for the second time in my life. Most of the workouts are awful and I can’t stand. Some are decent though.

My only problem is that I’m ashamed to admit that I’m doing these workouts to anyone. I have to wait until Ron leaves to do any of them and I worry that he’ll see them on the recently viewed programs list. I’m a closet-exercise-videoist.
Really I don’t know why I’m afraid of people knowing I do Jillian Michaels Cardio BOOST or whatever it’s called; is there some underlying stigma attached to people who rely on these workouts? I’m not sure.

I guess I just don’t want people to think I’m concerned with sculpting my abs for bathing suit season. I love to sculpt abs, however I do not own a bathing suit. Swimming is for people who like to swim you know?

Thoughts: I have the same body image insecurities as any other chick on the block. I have a skinny athletic dude poking me unceasingly in the stomach when I’m just trying to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It would be awesome if he broke his stupid finger on my rock hard abs. I’m working on it.

In the mean time, I tried my first yoga workout tonight and enjoyed it quite a bit (hey-o Healthy Tipping Point!). I just hope I didn’t further injure my groin by it.

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November 11, 2009 at 6:19 am